Across our agricultural supply base Moy Park has secured major partnership investments in biomass technology and long-term biomass fuel supply to improve sustainable fuel efficiency and low carbon rearing.

As a responsible business sustainable production is central to our long-term strategy. The biomass project’s aims were to achieve more sustainable production by:

  • Deployment of zero emission biomass fuelled heating solution in poultry houses throughout our agriculture supply chain, by replacing traditional LPG heating systems
  • Moving from fossil to renewable fuel, by replacing LPG with sustainably sourced wood pellets
  • Reducing our carbon footprint.

We are living out our sustainable values; values which we share with our supply chain partners, customers and consumers.


  • This initiative replaces LPG fuel with sustainably sourced wood pellets and will reduce Moy Park’s emissions by over 25,000 tonnes of CO2e per annum.
  • Animal welfare benefits through enhanced environmental conditions on farm. The biomass heating technology provides a less humid heat than LPG which improves animal welfare.