Our supply chain and our relationship with the French beef sector

European Livestock, only source of Supply

For supplies, Moy Park Beef Orléans favours short supply chains, sourcing directly from forty approved abattoirs located in France, Ireland and the Netherlands. The quality requirements are the same regardless the country of origin of the meat for food safety & quality procedures and traceability, etc.

In 2015, Moy Park Beef Orléans purchased 25,000 tons of French beef, which represents about 390,000 cattle.

Sourcing only from approved abattoirs

The forty slaughterhouses and deboning plants we deal with have been selected following quality audits to verify strict compliance with specifications. This requires slaughterers and boners to respect detailed Best Practices related to traceability, safety, hygiene, respect of animal welfare and the quality of the delivered meat. They are audited annually by the Quality Department of Moy Park Beef Orléans and by an independent organization (auditing a total of over 380 points).

In France, Moy Park Beef Orleans works directly with 28 approved abattoirs, with whom the company has a long-term relationship (almost 30 years for some of them).

Promoting good farm practices

Moy Park Beef Orléans encourages its suppliers to purchase from farms involved in the Good Farming Practices scheme. In France, it is the “Charte des Bonnes Pratiques d’élevage” established by the CNE (National Livestock Confederation) which was chosen as the approved standard. The meat from the Netherlands and Ireland also come from programmes which guarantee the Good Farming Practices.

To Strengthen consumer practices

The objectives are, firstly, to encourage farmers to commit formally to focus on quality and, secondly, to unite the stakeholders to ensure the good practice throughout the beef industry.

A strategic economic role for the French beef sector

For over 25 years Moy Park Beef Orléans has been a strategic participant in the French beef sector. The company develops its frozen beef patties with beef cuts mainly from the front of the animal, like the shoulder, neck and ribs. Now these cuts are purchased by consumers less frequently. Favouring these cuts in our supplies, we contribute to the economic balance of the beef market.

For over 10 years Moy Park Beef Orléans has developed contracting initiatives within the beef sector. This approach aims to secure part of the French supply in an otherwise declining cattle marketplace, but especially to guarantee a market for farmers looking for an alternative to a volatile and uncertain market.

  • secure Moy Park Beef Orléans supplies through dedicated animals on farms;
  • agree a price independent of market fluctuations, which guarantees economic efficiency and income security for all, starting with engaged farmers;
  • ensure that farmers have a market and a medium / long-term vision to plan production and investment;
  • to enhance production of cattle from farms that meet the "Charter of Good Breeding Practices".

During 2015 Moy Park Beef Orléans contracted over 30 000 cattle from the French sector. We are positioned among the most dynamic players in setting up contractual schemes with French breeders. Going further, Moy Park Beef Orléans now offers a two-year contract. Thus farmers have a market visibility from the birth of calves and can confidently make the choice to raise them rather than sell them at the age of 15 days.