Beef Orléans - Making our frozen beef burgers

Making our frozen beef burgers

Receipt Of Meat

Upon arrival at our production facility, deliveries are systematically verified in compliance with the specifications of Moy Park Beef Orléans regarding provenance and identification of the consignment, weight and temperature of meat.

At this stage, strict checks on the quality of the meat are carried out:

  • the lots must contain identified muscles without faults
  • samples are taken for analysis
  • traceability data is computer recorded and follows each batch of meat throughout the processing stages

Formulation: Mixing And Grinding

Two types of meat, lean meat (eg the neck and shoulder) and fat meat (like flat ribs), are mixed to get a specific fat content, for an optimal preparation in terms of texture and taste. After a first grinding, meat is minced and mixed again more finely. The fat content is on average 20% to allow a cooking on the grill without any added fat.

Forming And Freezing

Once the fat content is controlled, ground meat is formed into steaks, which are immediately frozen in less than 3 minutes, through a freezing tunnel. Following this step, the frozen beef patties experience a new series of tests, including cooking performance, texture and flavor.


Upon exiting the freezing tunnel, each burger is checked and packed if it meets the specifications. Samples are taken from each batch to undergo microbiological tests performed by an independent laboratory.

The traceability information of lots is carried on the boxes and bags. It includes the use-by date, the date and time of production and origin of the meat.

Storage And Shipping

The boxes are then stored in a freezer in a strictly temperature controlled environment.

No finished product is delivered to customers without first receiving approval from the Quality Department (based on laboratory results) and the distribution is based on the first-in, first-out basis.

Did you know?

Nearly one in five frozen burgers produced in France today is produced by Moy Park Beef Orleans.

100% pure beef

Our burgers are made ​​exclusively from beef cuts without any added ingredient, in accordance with regulation.