Summer’s coming! Delight your customers with seasonal favourites from Moy Park

Summer’s coming! Delight your customers with seasonal favourites from Moy Park

13 June, 2016

With summer well and truly on its way, and customers flocking to share good food and good times in the sunshine, now’s the time to add Moy Park to your menu. From casual dining favourites like chicken burgers and wings to veggie staples and some truly unique products with serious profit power, Moy Park makes it easy to keep the tables turning.

Our Battered Chickwich™ Steak – tasty chicken breast meat coated in a delicious light and crispy golden batter – is perfect for capitalising on the summer rush. As the foodservice industry’s number one breaded chicken burger, we know your customers are going to love it. Keep it simple by serving it in a tasty bun with fresh, crispy salad and chips.

The weather can sometimes be a let-down but you can add much needed heat with Moy Park’s Chick ‘N’ Ferno™ wings, marinated in a spicy coating of cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika, and black pepper. For lovers of food with a flavoursome kick, these make the perfect side or a hearty main when served with premium fries.

Don’t forget Moy Park’s vegetarian offering, with our Spicy 5 Bean Burger proving the perfect choice for a summer’s evening! The spicy bean and vegetable mix is coated in a golden crumb and makes a delicious meat alternative. Hand your customers the power to customise their burgers by factoring profitable stackers such as Battered Natural Onion Rings and Tempura Mixed Vegetables into the mix.

As well as these delicious products, Moy Park has recently launched a brand new casual dining range featuring delicious new offerings such as Buttermilk Chicken Wings, Authentic BBQ Shank, and a tasty Southern Spiced Chicken Thigh Burger. The new range also includes tasty Vegetarian products such as Red Pepper and Mozzarella and Mushroom and Asparagus Arancini, Macaroni Cheese Bites, Red Onion and Smoked Cheese Bites, Quinoa and Thyme Roasted Vegetables burger and the Cajun Chickpea Burger.

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