It's Good To Share

47% of UK diners currently order platters, but a further 20% would if available. Of the consumers ordering, 17% would like more variety**

(*Caterlyst ** To Luna Survey, July 2015, Q: Do you ever order platters when eating out?)

Moy Park Foodservice have done all the hard work for you, creating the ultimate “It's Good To Share platter”, featuring a truly mouth-watering selection, ranging from the timeless Battered Natural Onion Rings to the deliciously spicy Wings of Fire™.

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It's Good To Share platter for 4 people

Average cost price from your favourite wholesaler:

  • 2 Crunchy Chick 'n' Mini Fillets quartered £1.76
  • 6 Garlic Mushrooms £0.30
  • 4 Wings of Fire™ £0.40
  • 2 handfuls of Tempura Mixed Vegetables £0.98
  • 8 Battered Natural Onion Rings £0.64

Total Cost: £4.08

Menu Price: £9.99

Profit (per platter): £5.91

Tips for serving sharing platters:

  1. The most popular time for ordering platters is between 4pm and 7pm but as these products can be prepared quickly and simply (even by bar or waiting staff), why not serve them all day?
  2. These products are fantastic for groups so serve sharing platters on any themed nights you run, whilst screening sporting events or at your pub quizzes
  3. Use high impact point of sale to promote platters and tempt your customers - claim your FREE POS kit here!

Creating the perfect sharing platter is easy:

  • Serve with a selection of delicious dips to complement the products
  • Include fresh salad garnishes to create colour and appeal.
  • Use a stylish plate to serve the platter – first impressions count!
  • Display tent cards on the bar and tables to whet customers’ appetites. Claim yours FREE here.
  • Promote the platters with posters around the pub to create interest.
  • Mix it up - make hundreds of different combinations with just a few products, click here to discover our full range of platter-perfect products and some great tasting serving suggestions.