Kitchen Range Foods’ two frozen food factories are operated to the highest standards and are both accredited with excellent Food Safety scores from both our customer’s auditors and BRC.

The Moy Park Europe group ensures all of its factories are well invested and, to this end, Kitchen Range Foods has in recent years renewed  processes that result in high quality, consistent and safe finished products manufactured in a controlled and efficient way.

Both our factories are 100% nut free and we are also able to offer Gluten Free and Vegan manufacture from our Huntingdon facility.

We have diversity and flexibility built into to our production processes; this means that we can respond quickly to changing demand and provide a degree of customisation to meet our customers’ needs.

We pride ourselves on working with our customers to find the most effective manufacturing solution, whilst ensuring we maintain the highest product quality.

Continuous improvement is part of our culture; we set out to understand and apply best practice, continued learning and innovation. We seek to benefit from new technology used in other group factories and work closely with our suppliers in order to provide the most effective service to our customers.