Responsible use of antibiotics

Moy Park is committed to industry leading antibiotic stewardship. Our focus is on reducing the need for antibiotics by investing in our farms and practices, and together with our veterinary experts, developing innovative animal health strategies to deliver the highest levels of animal welfare.

The company established an independent antibiotics stewardship programme in 2011. This programme is shaped and delivered by a multi-disciplinary team made up of leading academics, veterinary experts and company specialists in the field of poultry production and animal health and welfare.


Minimising antibiotic use whilst protecting animal health and welfare.


To be industry leaders in the responsible use of antibiotics focusing on:

  • Reduction
  • Alternative strategies
  • Elimination where possible

Moy Park is proud to state that in our broiler production, we do not use any antibiotic classes identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO* (Fourth Revision 2013)) as the ‘highest priority critically important antimicrobials’. These classes include:

  • Quinolones,
  • Third and Fourth generation Cephalosporins,
  • Macrolides and ketolides (check ketolide usage action DP 28/3/17)
  • Glycopeptides.
  • In addition, we do not use colistin which has more recently been identified by the WHO as critically important to human health.


Responsible use of antibiotics is not simply a reduction in usage. We have adopted the 4R’s approach to shape our strategy.


Use research and innovation to seek effective alternatives to antibiotics.


Review and replace antibiotics used where effective alternatives are available.


Reduce the number of birds that need to be treated, through systems based on thorough veterinary diagnostic assessment.


Continue to refine existing strategies, using data collection.



Our strategy on the responsible use of antibiotics is focused on seven principle pillars:

  • Dedicated research and analysis
  • Culture, education and communication
  • Farming for the future
  • Nutrition
  • Alternative strategies
  • Measurement and compliance
  • Veterinary support


Antibiotics Stewardship Forum

Our Antibiotics Stewardship Forum, established in 2011, is made up of a multidisciplinary team within the organisation, supported by independent academic experts and veterinary specialists who provide advice and guidance on responsible use of antibiotics.

Through this forum, we continue to refine our strategy and review new approaches, treatments, and technologies to help us achieve our antibiotic stewardship objectives.

As a responsible food company, we are focused on delivering the highest standards for our customers and consumers through exceptional animal welfare and continued investment in our operations and farming base.