Product Development

Product Development

New Product Development Inspiration

According to Mintel, nearly half of all consumers buy a new food product as a treat for themselves*. Moreover, with menus in the UK taking ever more inspiration from other countries and cultures, it is fundamental that manufacturers are always aware of the latest Food trends and how they impact different categories

To that end, at Moy Park Europe we have our own Food Trend Team and we often set out to explore and taste different cuisines through research trips. As a business we supply almost 40 different countries and throughout the year we visit the customers and take time to look at local restaurants, delicatessens, high street retailers and markets to keep our food knowledge updated.

As well as the UK, we regularly visit other countries such as  Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Poland and France, amongst many others. We call these trips Food Safaris.

We learn from each Food Safari and use this knowledge, alongside other Insight data, when developing products both for that market and also influencing the products we sell in the UK and abroad.

(*Mintel,Attitudes Towards Innovation in the Food Market - UK - July 2015)

Allergen Reduction

Whilst we strive to bring new and innovative products to the market, we are also aware that other trends and needs from consumers need to be at the top of our ‘to do’ list. An example of this is that we are currently focusing on removing as many allergens from our products and factory as part of a continued improvement process.

We are 100% nut free and have reduced  the amount of other allergens in our process. Our aim is not to compromise flavour – hence we often redevelop recipes to deliver the same great flavours that everyone can enjoy, minus the Allergens.

Please talk to our team to find out how we can help you further in this process.