Quality Assurance

Moy Park Feedmill Randalstown is recognised as a leading manufacturer of high quality ruminant and poultry feed, implementing quality systems to ensure they are safe and nutritious for the animal.

  • UFAS Fully Approved status against the requirements of Code of Practice for the Manufacture of Safe Compound Animal feedstuffs and approved by DARD for the manufacture of zootechnical/medicated feedingstuffs.
  • A HACCP Quality System is implemented for each stage of the production process.
  • All raw material suppliers and hauliers comply with the appropriate Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) code of practice.
  • UFAS: covers the production, merchanting and haulage of compound feeds and feed materials to farms. It embraces all applicable national and EU legislation.
  • TASCC: address's the handling of grains, pulses and animal feed materials in the supply chain beyond the farm gate, whether the destination is storage, feed, food, seeds or other uses
  • FEMAS: covers the supply of feed materials from the vast array of supply sources to their point of use
  • Chemical and Microbiological analysis is carried out by fully accredited laboratories.