Research & Development

At Moy Park we are passionate about Research and Development which keeps us at the forefront of bird health and welfare, sustainability, product quality, food safety and value for money.

Our Vision

To be a world leading food company by unlocking value and maintaining our competitive advantage through fact-based, targeted and sustainable research and innovation

Our Mission

Address current and future challenges using robust scientific principles and statistical analysis whilst upholding environmental stewardship, social responsibility and profitable growth.

Key Area of Success

Campylobacter Reduction

Moy Park has invested over £1million in cutting edge research and practices which have helped the poultry industry reduce Campylobacter levels. Research projects have involved initiatives across 600 farms in Northern Ireland and England looking at inputs such as feed and water as well as biosecurity measures and stock management techniques. The company has invested substantially in its farms and processing facilities including implementing a training programme for over 200 farmers and catching teams, biosecurity monitoring and enhanced testing programmes based on robust scientific principles.

Moy Park has also introduced a programme of pioneering on-farm testing that gives rapid feedback to farmers on the status of each flock via text message. Ursula Lavery, Moy Park Technical and R&D Director for Europe, who is an authority in the poultry industry on Campylobacter said: “We have been conducting research into Campylobacter for a number of years and have been at the forefront of introducing advanced techniques to reduce Campylobacter, which gives the added benefit of protecting the welfare of the birds.” “We work closely with the Food Standards Agency, other government and industry bodies and university research groups across the UK on this.” “However, as a leader in the industry we understand our responsibilities in both reducing Campylobacter and communicating to consumers that there’s no need to wash raw chicken.” She continued, “Our research confirms that consumers know chicken is perfectly safe when cooked and prepared properly and that any unfriendly bacterial is killed during the cooking process.”

Moy Park was one of the first processors to promote this message by introducing a ‘No need to wash’ front of pack sticker on all Moy Park branded whole birds. Through Research and Development Moy Park has also developed an ‘in line’ factory intervention which reduces the levels of Campylobacter significantly. This intervention has been independently reviewed and is currently awaiting a patent.

Responsible Use of Antibiotics

Moy Park is committed to industry leading antibiotic stewardship. Our focus is on reducing the need for antibiotics by investing in our farms and practices, together with our veterinary experts, developing innovative animal health strategies to deliver the highest levels of animal welfare.

The company established an independent antibiotics stewardship programme in 2011. This programme is shaped and delivered by a multi-disciplinary team made up of leading academics, veterinary experts and company specialists in the field of poultry production and animal health and welfare.


Minimising antibiotic use whilst protecting animal health and welfare.


To be industry leaders in the responsible use of antibiotics focusing on:

  • Reduction
  • Alternative strategies
  • Elimination where possible


Responsible use of antibiotics is not simply a reduction in usage. We have adopted the 4R’s approach to shape our strategy.


Use research and innovation to seek effective alternatives to antibiotics.


Review and replace antibiotics used where effective alternatives are available.


Reduce the number of birds that need to be treated, through systems based on thorough veterinary diagnostic assessment.


Continue to refine existing strategies, using data collection.

Omega Enriched Chicken

Moy Park has developed a unique innovation together with animal nutrition specialist Devenish Nutrition and launched in store by Waitrose.  This is the UK's first chicken that is a source of omega 3.  Omega 3s are polyunsaturated fatty acids that have healthy properties which help to maintain normal heart, brain and vision function.  Food and farming innovation are important focus areas for Moy Park and we are proud to be the first poultry company in the UK to produce chicken enriched with omega 3. Including omega 3 in the chickens' natural diet makes this already healthy food even healthier.

Current Collaboration Projects

2 Innovate UK Projects

  • A whole supply chain hurdle approach to control Campylobacter
  • Novel Strategies to Reduce Fat in Convenience Poultry Ranges

 1 Invest Northern Ireland Project

  • Optimization of a safe, sustainable chicken supply chain 

3 PhD students

  • Development of Novel Bio-Polymer Functional Additives from Poultry Waste Streams 
  • The effect of biosecurity ‎in the prevalence of highly virulent Campylobacter species 
  • The effect of management practices on Campylobacter prevalence in poultry farms

9 Agri-Food Quest Competence Centre Projects

  • Consumer Perception of Eating Quality of Chicken
  • Determination of nutrient content of poultry manure and litter from different production systems 
  • New platform technologies for shelf life extension based on metageonomic approaches 
  • Recovery and recycling of nitrogen from waste
  • The development of a model to test the efficacy of alternatives to antibiotics within broiler production
  • Recovery and recycling of phosphorus from waste
  • Food Fortress - the next phase
  • Insects as a sustainable novel protein source in animal feed 


The Best Thing About Working in R&D

"The best thing about working in R&D at Moy Park is the wide variety of projects and the chance to work with a wide variety of people throughout our supply chain as well as external global experts in their field. I definitely get job satisfaction from seeing something mature from an idea or concept through to its commercial implementation. "

Dr Anne Richmond – R&D Manager

"The challenge of being the interface between academic and industrial research; balancing the interests of the two whilst ensuring that meaningful work is done. The opportunity to work across all sectors of the business from agriculture to primary and secondary processing to engagement with the retailer and consumer. Being part of a small, select team where the working environment encourages ideas and opinions to be openly shared and discussed."

Dr Stewart Blair – R&D Officer

"When working within the R&D department, you can be sure that each day will be different. I enjoy the challenging nature of our projects, and the excitement that comes with breakthroughs and end results.  Due to the nature of our roles, we work with many different departments within the business and I believe this gives us, as employees, a really rounded view of our industry. I enjoy working with a diverse team and playing a small part in the projects that will change the future of the poultry industry. "

Elaine Paisley – Projects Coordinator

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