Our Chickens

We are convinced that our chicken tastes so good because of the dedicated way we rear it. Our birds are fed a natural diet of 60% cereals such as wheat and maize cereals with soya and other oil seed proteins, and no added growth promoters or antibiotics. We use a slower growing strain of chicken which means the bird takes longer to mature and subsequently develops better flavour and succulence. With more windowed housing and using lower density stocking rates, our birds can behave more naturally and move about more freely.

Free Range Outdoor Chicken

Setting the standards with higher welfare development and investment, Moy Park is the largest producer of organic and free range in the UK and Ireland with over 110 small farms producing organic and free range chicken.

Did you know? We were the first company in the UK to introduce free range in the mid 1980s and organic birds in the 1990s.

Our free range chickens grow on specially selected farms where birds have full access to pastures during daytime hours. The fact that birds are able to forage out on pasture and exercise more than conventional chickens mean they develop a much fuller flavour.


All our poultry is fully traceable from pack right back to the breeder flock from which the chicks came. All chicken farmers are part of a number of independent assurance schemes such as Red Tractor Assured Chicken production.